We are pleased to offer a unique
Concierge Service
for clients who need their
medical marijuana to be
perfectly private.

Professional. Personal. Private.

Our Concierge Service provides clients with an exclusive, hour-long consultation with our physician and staff to ensure their qualification for the medical use of marijuana. The private session is by appointment only, with no other patients in the office, and with our building locked to the public. This discreet, all-inclusive service is intended for clients who want their certification and registration in the state’s medical marijuana program to be simple, seamless and unquestionably confidential.

Dr. David Rideout

Concierge clients are seen in the quiet comfort of our newly renovated office in Salem. We are in one of the city’s many 19th century buildings. Ours has been beautifully restored and made fully wheelchair accessible. Complimentary parking is just a few feet from the entrance. We are in the city’s historic downtown area, with an array of specialty shops, exceptional restaurants and the renowned Peabody Essex Museum.
Our all-inclusive concierge fee is $500. It may be paid in cash or by credit or debit card. There is a nonrefundable booking charge of $150, which is applied to our fee. To protect your privacy, we will pay your State medical marijuana license fee which is due when we register you online. We make every effort to ensure you are fully informed and properly evaluated, that your certification and registration for the medical use of marijuana meets all regulations, and that the whole process involves the least exposure possible. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

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